About Us


A pioneering new project revolutionising the UK’s ethical clothing supply chain,  Mini Stitches brings you a new and fresh approach to childrenswear, designed and made at East London charity, Stitches in Time.

Stitches in Time has been bringing together communities through creative projects for over 20 years.

The collection is made entirely by local women that are involved in our charity and on our training programme.

Our free training programme is for local unemployed women facing multiple disadvantage. Our aim is to empower local women, whilst creating on-trend kids clothing.

Tower Hamlets is an area of high deprivation. An estimated 44% of households are in income poverty, the highest rate in England. Female worklessness in the Bangladeshi community in the area is 75%.

Barriers the women we work with face that prevent them from working include not having English as a first language, little/no educational qualifications, and little or no employment experience. We are addressing these issues through our work.

More than just learning garment production, our charity provides holistic support for women.

Our classes are confidence building, therapeutic, combat social isolation, are a chance to practice English, an opportunity to work together towards common goals, raise aspirations, and progress women towards employment.

We do this by providing industry standard training in garment manufacture, along with English classes, confidential one to one support, I.T support, work experience and mentoring opportunities.

Led by a colourful team of people with expertise in fashion, charity, community arts and sustainability, our women in training have created a collection of contemporary kids clothing.

Our innovative manufacturing model addresses the growing desire for ethically made clothing, made in the UK, which is attainably priced.  All profits are reinvested back into the project with the aim of growing into a nationally recognised ethical children’s wear brand.

“As this community-made, children’s clothing brand develops and grows, so does the women’s ambitions, self-belief and sense of achievement. Seeing how much they are capable of, individually and collectively, has allowed many women to see their dreams as attainable” – Katie Adkins, Director of Enterprise and Outreach.”


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