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Current mainstream fashion is defined by fast cycles, cheap prices, mass production and complex supply chains. The result is unsustainable levels of waste, pollution and worker exploitation. It is becoming increasingly clear that a more sustainable approach is needed to cultivate a cleaner, safer and fairer industry.

At Mini Stitches, continuously evolving our sustainable practice is key. Having nailed the social side, our focus is now on introducing sustainable fabric solutions into the mix. Next season we’ll see the introduction of hand spun, hand woven organic cotton along with experimenting with natural vegetable dyes to create hand block printing techniques. Our commitment to sustainability includes a 100% transparent supply chain so that we can bring you along with us on our journey to becoming a leading UK brand in ethical fashion.

Our collections are seasonless which means they are suitable to be worn all year round. We believe that a season and timeless approach offers an alternative to the current fast fashion cycle.

Mini Stitches prides itself on achieving high quality garments. Each item is designed to last and to be passed on to siblings, cousins and friends, therefore extending the product’s life-cycle.

We are a social business driven by core values. We are fully committed to creating contemporary, on-trend clothing at a fair price, accounting for all economic, social and environmental costs attached to the production and impact of each individual garment.


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